Dr. Tara Mc Mahon

MicroMega One Curve - Making every day Endo easier

A root canal treatment includes several steps: isolation, access cavity, shaping, irrigation and obturation, that must be achieved meticulously to enhances a good prognosis. From access cavity to obturation every step is essential. However only one step is stressful for most practitioners: canal shaping. 

The heat-treated single file One Curve®, will relieve most of the stress link to canal instrumentation.

Indeed, this file benefits from a specific heat treatment that increases significantly it’s resistance to fracture and its flexibility, paired to a real efficient design that eases the shaping. The One Curve® manufactured by Coltene - MicroMega, is a single continuous rotation file that has an asymmetrical and variable cross section. Its tip diameter is .25 and it has a constant 6% taper. It can be used as easily to treat a straight forward single canal or complex anatomy.


All the One Curve® features will be detailed during the lecture, then participants will be able to try the file and enjoy how easy canal shaping can become.

Biography - Dr. Tara Mc Mahon

Dr. Tara Mc Mahon obtained her Master in Dental Science (MSD) at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium. She then completed a two-year weekly part time course of specialization in Endodontics at ULB. Tara is an academic and clinical instructor for undergraduate and post-graduate students and since 2018 she is the co-head of the post-graduate programme in endodontics at ULB. She also works in her own private practice limited to endodontics in Belgium.