Prof. Walid Nehme

MicroMega 2Shape - Safe, swift and simple endodontics with 2Shape

Major changes in the field of shaping instrumentation have set a new course for endodontics in the last decade. Newer instruments are generating predefined and more conservative canal shapes with respect to canal anatomy. In this presentation we will describe the 2Shape system introduced by Micro Mega. The capacity of the two heat treated files to meet the requirements for the most challenging clinical scenarios will be explained through an extensive literature review. A step by step protocol will be discussed for curved, calcified and complex cases.


At conclusion participants should be able to 

  • Acknowledge the 2Shape simple sequence and its unique design
  • Manage complex cases swiftly 
  • Enhance their clinical performance to safer endodontics

Biography - Prof. Walid Nehme

Prof. Walid Nehme is a clinical professor at Saint Joseph University of Beirut. Author and co-author of more than 25 papers published in the international press. Consultant and opinion leader for dental manufacturing companies, co-developer of 2Shape and One Flare for MicroMega. Past President of Lebanese Society of Endodontology, co-founder and President of Arab Endodontic Society. Practice limited to Endodontics in Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.